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Foros Sea Park Village

WE PRESENT TO YOUR ATTENTION A XXI CENTURY REAL ESTATE DEVELOPEMENT INTEGRATING THE ELEMENTS OF LIFE IN ORGANIC SYMBIOSIS Imagine that you live in a magical place on the beach close to nature within 12 kilometres from the town city centre.¬† This can be reality if you live in the Foros Sea Park Village .…
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Arena Dorustorum

Video presentation [embed]http://vimeo.com/134597921[/embed] Arena Dorustorum is a multifunctional center, combining together sports, cultural and commerce exhibitions and civic activities. The project aims at establishing the city of Silistra on the map of the Danube river landmarks as a natural part of the river conglomerate. This will allow exploiting in full the opportunities offered by the…
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Black Sea Gate

Video presentation [embed]http://vimeo.com/156564947[/embed] Creating a new landmark is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to a design that embodies not only a country, but a whole region. The Black Sea Gate is a symbol of the entrance towards the Black Sea Coast, an entrance towards a rapidly developing residential, business and holiday location. A…
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