Black Sea Gate

Video presentation

Creating a new landmark is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to a design that embodies not only a country, but a whole region.

The Black Sea Gate is a symbol of the entrance towards the Black Sea Coast, an entrance towards a rapidly developing residential, business and holiday location. A focal point of the new Silk Road project of China in the Balkans.

The design embodies the image of a modern, sea carved natural gate. This image is symbolic, but it's also the entrance point from the marina and the sea towards the Foros Development project - the new living space of the city of Burgas.

The Gate space is utilized as an interior forum space with adjusted climate, natural air ventilation in the summer and greenhouse heating effect in the winter. This large volume of enclosed air is the breathing space of the whole building, adjusting the microclimate and proving source for natural light, heating and cooling.

The Gate uses all means of green design including natural ventilation, extensive green space functioning as thermal isolation for the structure of the building harvesting water from the rain, reuse of Gray water, and the heating effect of the greenhouse in the winter.

Large glazing provides 360 degrees panoramic view towards the sea from the cape location on the Foros Peninsula, both extending and changing into the modern times the ancient site heritage of a Roman watch tower and fortress found on a location, meters away form the new Black Sea Gate.