Arena Botevgrad

Arena Botevgrad is a multipurpose hall hosting different local and national sports venues. It is the home of the BALKAN Botevgrad basketball team.

The sports hall has 5 000 spectators seats and is designed for basketball, volleyball, tennis, mini football, handball, combat sports and gymnastic games.

The design is simplified with the main accent on the front facade uniting the building with its front square.

The entrance facade is sculptured into a curving curtain wall, as if blown by the the wind, enhancing the entrance gates to the lobby. The lobby on the other side is also shaped by this dramatic wall and the rectangular volume of the functional field and spectators spaces.

A VIP lounges and seats are designed on the second of all four levels.

The athletes have their separated spaces for all the amenities needed, as well as a separate entrance.

The dynamic image of the building is intertwined into the structural scheme of the building and makes the artistic element technical and tectonic, with the use of the X-type anti quake structural discs, following the curvature of the main facade.

The building provides the best economical solution for a sports hall of that magnitude, proving that good design does is not always synonymous with overpricing.

Arena Botevgrad was awarded the Building of the Year Award for the 2014 and attracts people to the mountain city with it's contemporary design.


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