• Boyana Family House

    Boyana Family House

    Residential building on the outskirts of Sofia in the foothills of the Vitosha mountain. Reconstruction of an existing building with…

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    Foros Sea Park Village


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  • mes-ko

    Mes-Ko Food Processing

    Mes-Ko Food Processing Plant for meat products. Situated in the beautiful valley south of the city of Petrich, Bulgaria, the…

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    Boyana Residence

    Project for a residence in Boyana, on the outskirts of the city and in the foothills of the mountain. Cantilevered…

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  • borovetz-images-1

    Golden Triangle Borovetz

    Competition proposal for theĀ Golden Triangle Borovetz.

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  • Arena Dorustorum

    Arena Dorustorum

    Video presentation Arena Dorustorum is a multifunctional center, combining together sports, cultural and commerce exhibitions and civic activities. The project…

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  • Black Sea Gate

    Black Sea Gate

    Video presentation Creating a new landmark is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to a design that embodies not…

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  • Lozenetz Residence

    Lozenetz Residence

    Video presentation The particular geometry of the plot directed the design towards the creation of a lean terraced structure. The…

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  • Kandinski Residence

    Kandinski Residence

    Facade design and cost optimization for the revival of a residential hotel project in Burgas. A challenging project, given the…

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  • Rozhen NAO

    Rozhen NAO

    Video presentation A concept design for a new Visitor and Scientific Center for the National Astronomic Observatory in Rozhen. The…

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  • Ekani factory

    Ekani factory

    Milk and Meat processing plant combining modular spaces for production and technical facilities for the processing of food. The project…

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  • Erden House

    Erden House

    Provincial Residence in the small village of Erden. Main volume for living combined with open swimming pool area and party…

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  • Academic ScoreBoard

    Academic ScoreBoard

    Video presentation The Academic ScoreBoard is a development in the existing sport complex of Academica Stadium and halls. The existing…

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  • Kalen Farm

    Kalen Farm

    Modern interpretation of classic wood structure for a new eco barn. Situated in the picturesque village of Kalen on the…

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  • Lolovi House

    Lolovi House

    Facade reconstruction project that eventually reshaped not only the appearance of this residence, but also the whole character of the…

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  • Small Dairy

    Small Dairy

    An example of industrial design achieved by the use of simple volumes represented by visible "cold" construction and corrugated sheet.…

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  • Antipasti Processing

    Antipasti Processing

    The Antipasti Processing is a small plant for preparation of vegetable products for the cooking industry. The design features a…

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  • Mesembria Winery

    Mesembria Winery

    Video presentation Concept design integrating interior and exterior spaces in this wine production facility. The inner covered cobbled street creates…

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  • Rapira Bar

    Rapira Bar

    The Rapira Bar at Akademik Stadium in Sofia, represents a way of transformation an existing hallway to a Fencing hall.…

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  • Puldin Winery

    Puldin Winery

    Video presentation This project is an external extension of the existing technology base of "Puldin Winery" in the town of…

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  • Stoyanovi house

    Stoyanovi house

    Single-family house located in the outskirts of Sofia. Built from simple volumes, dressed in Prodema and Eternit, the house of…

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  • New Canyon

    New Canyon

    Video presentation Situated on one of the most important boulevards in Sofia, the "New Canyon" project aims to show what…

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  • MoMa Restaurant

    MoMa Restaurant

    Modern interpretation of traditional motives and materials in this interior design for traditional cuisine restaurant, situated in the heart of…

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  • Diagonal Residence

    Diagonal Residence

    Video presentation Economical yet impressive design for a block of apartments in Sofia. Simplified sculptured facade with contrasting colors.

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  • Florex Showroom

    Florex Showroom

    Showroom for gardening products situated on the outskirts of the city of Sofia The open exhibition area is seamlessly incorporated…

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  • Fruit Processing Plant

    Fruit Processing Plant

    Fruit processing plant located near the city of Sofia. The simple production volume is developed into three tunnel-like structures hosting…

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  • Gardenia


    Video presentation Competition entry for new residential development on the shoreline of the Black Sea. The project "forms" the residential…

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  • NEC


    Video presentation Finding new strong image for an already existing building that embodies the visual Arts was the challenge for…

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  • Arena Botevgrad

    Arena Botevgrad

    Arena Botevgrad is a multipurpose hall hosting different local and national sports venues. It is the home of the BALKAN…

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  • Golden Horn Halic Expo

    Golden Horn Halic Expo

    Video presentation The project is a proposal for new Expo Hall on one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul…

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  • CSKA Stadium

    CSKA Stadium

    Video presentation Concept project for reconstruction of the famous Sofia soccer team. The proposed transformation redesigns almost all of the…

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  • AKM1

    Ataturk Cultural Center

    The Ataturk Cultural Center project is a transformation concept for the invigoration and bringing back to a new life of…

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  • Hladilnika Office Center

    Hladilnika Office Center

    Project proposal for new office development in a busy area in Sofia. The project utilizes the masterplan hight restrictions and…

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  • Falez Deniz Evleri

    Falez Deniz Evleri

    Masterplan and concept design for a residential project situated on the hills of the city of Mudanya, near Bursa, overlooking…

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  • Fiesta FastFood Factory

    Fiesta FastFood Factory

    Food processing plant for salad and antipasto preparation located near the city of Elin Pelin. The production volume is seamlessly…

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  • Lake house

    Lake house

    Simple volumes design applying the tectonics of wood for holiday homes on the lakeside.  

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  • Lozen house

    Lozen house

    The specific shape of the plot guided the design of the volume of this residence. The particularities of the embedded…

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  • Lubimetz factory

    Lubimetz factory

    This is our first design for production plant with production unit and representative part integrated into one seamless volume. The…

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  • Helsinki Library Competition

    Helsinki Library Competition

    Competition entry for international competition for library for the future. Aside from finding the correct volume structure for the different…

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  • White Box

    White Box

    Project proposal for office building on the outskirts of the city of Sofia. "Transforming in hight" floating design stressing the…

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