We believe that architecture is creation of long lasting art statement.

Inspired by nature or city culture, by tradition or dreams of the future, the creation of a prominent image always reflects personal approach to the subject, an artistic  statement responding to the demands of the function.

Bozhidar Hinkov, CEO

Society shapes it's surrounding. As an architect one must create architecture servicing not only the client and investor but also society as a whole.

This approach allows for immediate blending into the society habitat and provides additional viability in the future.

Every material object  part of the world surroundings shapes the direction that we as society are heading to.

Martin Krastev, team member

True design aesthetics have the inherent quality of tectonics, the embodied principles of gravity, mass and tension.

We seek to implement the principles of engineering and aesthetic experience into one solid design.

For a design aesthetic to be viable the features of sustainable structural solution should be embedded.

Maria Litchkova, team member

The material world we design and construct creates a certain Lifestyle for our clients, residents and visitors alike.

We do our best to implement in concrete and steel the joy of life, the comfort of nature, new soul experiences, the comfort of home and the sheer pleasure of being here.


Daniella Slavova, team member