• Boyana Family House

    Residential building on the outskirts of Sofia in the foothills of the Vitosha mountain. Reconstruction of an existing building with…

  • Foros Sea Park Village


  • Mes-Ko Food Processing

    Mes-Ko Food Processing Plant for meat products. Situated in the beautiful valley south of the city of Petrich, Bulgaria, the…

  • Boyana Residence

    Project for a residence in Boyana, on the outskirts of the city and in the foothills of the mountain. Cantilevered…

  • Golden Triangle Borovetz

    Competition proposal for the Golden Triangle Borovetz.

  • Arena Dorustorum

    Video presentation Arena Dorustorum is a multifunctional center, combining together sports, cultural and commerce exhibitions and civic activities. The project…

  • Black Sea Gate

    Video presentation Creating a new landmark is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to a design that embodies not…

  • Lozenetz Residence

    Video presentation The particular geometry of the plot directed the design towards the creation of a lean terraced structure. The…

  • Kandinski Residence

    Facade design and cost optimization for the revival of a residential hotel project in Burgas. A challenging project, given the…


Creating stunning design

Creating challenging environment adequate to the society of today is the main objective of our work.

Advanced Architectural Design provides new solutions to the everlasting problems of architecture. We try to redefine the objectives and the solutions, providing sustainable and  out of time design answers.

The new definitions of public, residential, shopping and sport spaces merge into new building specifics, creating multifunctional and multicultural habitat for the society.

Creating stunning architecture

Modern architecture has the hard task to remain adequate to the challenges of the future. Therefore we perceive the design as a metabolic function, allowing changes and transformations.

What we do is not only providing a mere shell for function but rather full living and growing building organism that is intricately connected and evolving.

Architectural style is not important for us, because in Advanced Architectural Design we strive to create aesthetics out of the different and adequate approach to the building organism itself. Therefore the image is always challenging and stunning as long as it allows the really new ideas of society to emerge.

Committed team of professionals

Creating a real team is a challenging task. It involves a lot of research into the way people combine, a lot of tuning of the roles we play together in the ensemble.

What have created a real laboratory for architectural design with professionals that know every step of the process.

We all have different functions in the team but in the same time team members are interchangeable, thus allowing reshaping of the structure according to the task at hand.

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